Jd Health unveils first Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation center. Diagnosis and treatment of TCM can be completed online

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The coronavirus outbreak has, unfortunately, become a global health hazard. Artificial Intelligence is not going to stop the new coronavirus or replace the role of expert epidemiologists. But for the first time in a global outbreak, it is becoming a useful tool in efforts to monitor and respond to the crisis, according to health data specialists. In prior outbreaks, AI offered limited value, because of a shortage of data needed to provide updates quickly. Today the situation changed radically.

During the pandemic peak, Chinese hospital started to use AI-powered droids capable of disinfecting themselves to help treat patients. In the process, no human effort is needed and this can reduce the frequency medics need to leave the quarantine units and provide protection said the government body. But telemedicine services have seen an incredible growth since Jenuary.

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Alibaba Health, Alibaba’s health care arm, Pingan Good Doctor, another online health care firm, Weibo and WeChat are now offering telemedicine and other useful services, for free during pandemic outbreak. What about Chinese Traditional Medicine?

JD.com has launched on June 7th its first JD Health’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Consultation Center. “JD Health’s TCM Center has built an academic + technology-driven online and offline integrated service model through cooperation with national medical masters, veteran Chinese medicine experts, academic teams and national academic institutions of TCM. It will become the backbone of the scientific and technological innovation for TCM on the Internet.” said, Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health. The look, listen and inquiry in the diagnosis and treatment of TCM can be completed online, users can also interact with famous medical experts through live broadcast, so as to better carry out health care and disease prevention in their daily life.

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